Subdivisions of Greece

Two villages in Kozani quarantined over coronavirus deaths, infections

Two villages in western Macedonia were quarantined on Monday where authorities have recorded in the past few days three deaths from the new coronavirus and more than 10 infections, according to the General Secretariat of Civil Protection.

The villages, Damaskinia and Dragasia, are located between the towns of Kozani and Kastoria.

4th coronavirus death confirmed

A fourth death from the coronavirus has been confirmed in Greece. The patient, a 53-year-old man, died early Sunday, in Thessaloniki. He had been rushed to the AHEPA hospital from the citiy of Kozani in critical condition Tuesday. He is the youngest fatality thus far, but like the other three, had a serious underlying disease.

Seven residents to face prosecutor over attack on NGO workers on Lesvos

Seven residents of Lesvos have been indicted to appear before a prosecutor at the island's main port of Mytilene in connection with an attack on two volunteer workers for the Swiss "One Happy Family" whose recreation facilities for migrants on the island were destroyed last week in a fire whose cause is still being investigated.

Amid Turkey Tensions, a Hostile Environment in Greece

"Unfortunately, tension is growing the past three weeks, with the islanders feeling tired of lifting the burden of the so-called refugee crisis all these years," Stravaridis told BIRN.

He said MSF staff on the island of Lesvos had recently faced two violent incidents, resulting in the closure of an MSF clinic on the island for two days.