Spanish Law Enforcement Seized a Submarine Loaded with more than 2 Tonnes of Cocaine

Spanish law enforcement has seized a submarine that was loaded with more than 2 tonnes of cocaine, according to the El Pais.

Law enforcement officers have detained at least two people. The submarine was discovered in the waters of Galicia. It is believed that the submarine has arrived from Colombia. There are no other details so far.


In a recent story by Kathimerini, on March 11, about the exercise Dynamic Manta 2018, there was an error in the description.

As noted by NATO's Allied Maritime Command, it is normal in anti-submarine warfare exercises for participants to detect a number of underwater sounds, many of which turn out to be nothing, but all are investigated.

STRATCOM Commander: US Submarines Can 'Decimate' Russia, China

General John Hyten, answering a question on the current Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) doctrine during a hearing on the US Strategic Forces Posture and the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request noted that countries like China and Russia can't do anything that the US "will not have the ability to respond to"… besides "a massive attack."

Authorities have Stopped Searching for the Missing Crew of the Argentine Submarine

There is no hope of rescuing the crew members of the Argentine submarine that disappeared two weeks ago, Nova TV reported.
The navy announced it had ceased the operation to rescue the 44 people.

An Argentine navy spokesman said the rescue operation lasted twice as many days as it was believed the crew could have survived.