Schemes aim to support the labor force

As part of efforts to boost businesses, which have already taken a strong hit from the coronavirus pandemic, while also helping the unemployed, whose numbers are expected to rise amid the new crisis, the government is planning to partially subsidize wages lost by employees whose full-time contracts have been reduced to part-time while introducing a coupon scheme as a cash incentive for employer

EU court awards Greece deferred farming subsidies

The European Union Court of Justice has ruled in favor of awarding a total of 435 million euros in farming subsidies to Greece after upholding Greek appeals against previous convictions that had led to the aid being withheld.

The court made two decisions, one issued on February 13 and another on April 30, in response to two appeals by Greece's State Legal Council.

German model to protect jobs

The government is pondering different schemes to tackle reduced employment that would see it subsidizing part of lost salaries or social security contributions, once the country enters the stage of a gradual return to a new kind of normalcy.

How to reverse the brain drain

The Greek brain drain has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few years, most recently as a result of Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis' announcement of a pilot program for luring back 500 Greek scientists and experts by subsidizing 70 percent of their salaries for a period of one year.