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Up to a third of Slovenian caves polluted

Slovenia has a rich underground world with caves large and small dotting the country. They have attracted cavers, visitors and researchers from near and afar for centuries, but also people who used them as a handy way to dump their waste. As a result, 20-30% of Slovenian caves are now thought to be polluted and cleaning them is a major challenge.

Bulgarian Government Granting EUR 7.7 Million for Sofia Subway Line 3 Construction

SOFIA (Bulgaria), August 1 (SeeNews) - Bulgaria's government said on Wednesday it decided to provide 15 million levs ($9.0 million/7.7 million euro) from its budget to Sofia municipality, which will be used to partially finance the first two phases of the construction of Line 3 of the Sofia subway.

Pyongyang Pledges to Halt Nuclear and Longer-range Missile Tests

Japan Times - North Korea announced Saturday that it had suspended nuclear and longer-range missile tests and shut down its main nuclear test site as the sanctions-hit country seeks to shift its focus to shoring up its moribund economy, state media said, less than a week ahead of a key inter-Korean summit.

Eisriesenwelt or the “World of the Ice Giants” is the largest ice cave in the world

High above the village of Werfen in Austria lies the “World of the Ice Giants,” the ice cave which is considered to be the largest of its kind in the world. Eisriesenwelt is a natural limestone ice empire which is 26 miles (42 km) long and is one of the most visited places in Austria.

French artists finish replica of 'magical' cave paintings

A true-to-life replica of renowned Stone Age cave paintings have been replicated in three years by a group of artists as part of a projectAn army of artisans have laid down their paintbrushes, chisels and pigments after three years of painstaking work to create a true-to-life replica of renowned Stone Age cave paintings long hidden away in southwestern France.