Supermarket sales soar 35 pct

Greek supermarkets have cashed in over 615 million euros in just four weeks - i.e. in the first month of the coronavirus epidemic in Greece - as fear of what is yet to come led to consumers panic buying large quantities of disinfectants and food with a long shelf life.

Lockdown leads to partnerships among companies

Congestion at supermarkets, both bricks-and-mortar and online, is leading to new types of cooperations which up until a few weeks ago would have seemed rather incongruous. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, online orders have soared, forcing the sector to look to existing businesses with expertise in online orders and deliveries.

Quiet neighborhoods and oppressive idleness

Our suburban neighborhood is quieter than usual. I occasionally hear a ball bouncing as lone youths shoot baskets, and a number of people visited the local beach on Saturday afternoon, but most children are staying indoors, most neighbors seem invisible, and even the dogs are making less noise. I can hear the birds, both from my desk and when walking in olive groves full of wildflowers.

Soapmaker Papoutsanis eyes gains from the virus

Papoutsanis, the company which set up modern Greece's first industrial-scale soap producing plant in 1870, expects its losses this year from the shuttering of hotels to be offset by soaring supermarket sales. The increase in demand as people wash their hands more frequently - due to the coronavirus outbreak - has seen its factory increase output in recent days.