Supply chain

Keeping a check on prices

The disruptions that have been caused to supply chains as a result of the attacks on cargo ships traveling through the Red Sea means increased costs.

This cost, however, should not again become an alibi for "automatic" price increases on store shelves. 

Manufacturing PMI down in February

Turkey's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for the manufacturing sector dropped to 51.7 in February, a monthly business survey revealed on March 1.

The PMI decreased by 2.7 points from 54.4 in January, according to the report by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, prepared in collaboration with London-based global data firm IHS Markit.

Supply chain underestimated

The supply chain in Greece may have maintained high efficiency in crucial economic sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and food, but has run into shortages in infrastructure, technology and means of transportation that reduced its effectiveness in other commodities (electronics and consumer products).

Hospitality industry, strongly affected by coronavirus (study)

The hospitality industry is strongly affected by the spread of coronavirus, and companies in this industry are expecting a 50-60% drops in revenues, according to a study by the Hospitality Culture Institute released on Friday. Hotels, transport and travel agencies report massive declines in bookings and cancellations of events. With these, the food service industry is feeling a major impact.