Supreme Court of India

Judiciary in turmoil due to handling of Novartis probe

Straight on the heels of Justice Minister Michalis Kalogirou's order yesterday that a disciplinary probe be launched against him, former Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis (who was supervisor of the corruption prosecutors handling the Novartis probe) has sent an open letter to the press outlining a long string of procedural violations and allegations that there were targeted prosec

Koufodinas furlough to be reviewed again

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an appeal filed by its top prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou against the rejection of a furlough request for convicted November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, paving the way for the likely approval of the request. 

A few hours later, Koufodinas ended a hunger strike he started on May 2 to protest the refusal of his request. 

New Supreme Court President, Prosecutor to be picked by 30 June

The judiciary and the government are poised to pick the new Supreme Court Chief Justice and Prosecutor after the terms of Vasileios Peppas and Xeni Dimitriou, respectively, end on 30 June, at the end of the judicial year.

Peppas, age 71, whose term began in September, 2017, is retiring due to the age limit.

Succession race opens to replace retiring top court president, prosecutor

Greece's Justice Ministry announced on Monday that it has launched the procedure to replace the president and top prosecutor of the Supreme Court who have reached the obligatory retirement age.
According to the Constitution, the maximum age limit for judges is 67 years.

The court's president Vasilios Peppas and prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou will retire in June.

Supreme Court: Cyprus public sector salary cuts unconstitutional

The Cypriot government is on the back foot Friday after a decision by the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional the law implementing public sector salary cuts cuts following the financial crisis.
The legislation was passed in December 2012 on the grounds that the Cypriot economy was in an extraordinary situation and the cuts were seen as necessary to rectify state finances.