Supreme Court of India

Judiciary to have say on its leadership

The selection of presidents and vice presidents of the Supreme Court, the Council of State, the Court of Audit and the selection of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court will henceforth be done by the administrative plenary sessions of the courts which will meet in April each year and vote by secret ballot on the candidates, according to an amendment tabled in the Parliament by Justice Minister G

India overhauls colonial-era laws with new criminal codes

India on Monday implemented an overhaul of colonial-era criminal laws, praised as a "watershed" movement by the top judge but which critics said could worsen an already glacially slow pace of justice.

Amit Shah, the interior minister, said the codes would help India "become the world's most modern justice delivery system."

Supreme Court dismisses four judges due to delays in issuing decisions

The disciplinary commission of the Supreme Court ruled on Friday to dismiss four judges due to numerous and significant delays in issuing decisions.

A Thessaloniki appeal court judge, two presidents and a judge of the Athens first instance court were sacked under the ruling, while the case of a Thessaloniki deputy prosecutor was postponed.

Top court prosecutor requests swift probe into laywer’s domestic abuse case

Supreme Court prosecutor Georgia Adilini requested on Tuesday the investigative magistrate Christina Salapa to conduct a swift investigation into the domestic abuse case involving prominent Athens lawyer Apostolos Lytras. 

In her request, Adilini referred to the serious nature of the alleged crime and the increased danger for the victim to suffer additional abuse. 

Supreme Court excludes far-right party from EU election ballot

Greece's Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the far-right party Spartiates (Spartans) will be excluded from the upcoming European parliament elections. 

The Supreme court unveiled the final roster of parties that are set to compete on June 9 and deemed that the far-right party could not participate.

Judge sacked for tardiness but remains a civil servant

A judge has been dismissed from the judiciary over her extremely tardy handling of dozens of cases, following a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court's 48-member disciplinary committee.

Several complaints had been lodged about the judge, not just by lawyers but also defendants and plaintiffs, over the years.