Supreme Court of the United States

UK Supreme Court: Boris Johnson's Decision to Suspend Parliament - Unlawful

The decision of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament for 5 weeks is illegal, the Supreme Court of the UK has ruled.

Magistrates initially stated that the decision fell within their jurisdiction, thereby rebutting a previous ruling by the English Supreme Court, which ruled that suspending Parliament's work was not a court's prerogative.

Institutional resilience

A review of the institutional tensions that arose over the last four years - which were by no means rare - leads to an effortless conclusion: The independent authorities and justice have been able to withstand them.

Koufodinas furlough to be reviewed again

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an appeal filed by its top prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou against the rejection of a furlough request for convicted November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, paving the way for the likely approval of the request. 

A few hours later, Koufodinas ended a hunger strike he started on May 2 to protest the refusal of his request.