Greece bids farewell to WWII resistance icon

A pallbearer, wearing a protective face mask and gloves, carries a cross and a photo of late World War Two Greek resistance hero and politician Manolis Glezos, during his funeral attended only by few people as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Athens, Wednesday. Glezos died of heart failure at the age of 97. [Reuters]

Fresh donation made to bolster public health system in coronavirus fight

Theodoros and Gianna Angelopoulos became the latest Greeks to donate 1 million euros to the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic in Greece, the Health Ministry announced on Monday.

The donation was accepted by Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias and has been channeled into the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Technology to help bolster its work.

Bosnian Serb Ex-Fighter’s Conviction for Mass Killing Upheld

The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court has upheld the verdict convicting Radomir Susnjar of involvement in wartime crimes in the Visegrad area in June 1992, including the murder of 26 civilians - one of them a two-day-old baby - who were locked inside a house that was then burned.

Power firms offer discounts to customers

The electricity market is trying to express solidarity with companies and individuals suffering from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, with Public Power Corporation and Elpedison announcing measures in a bid to make life easier for their customers and heeding the call to that effect by Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.