Iraqi charged with killing two compatriots

A 37-year-old Iraqi national currently in prison for drug-related offenses has been charged with killing two compatriots in the Athens suburb of Aghios Dimitrios in January 2010, police sources said on Tuesday.

According to police, the alleged perpetrator and victims had scuffled following an argument over the disappearance of a quantity of heroin.

Brussels Jewish Museum Gunman Detained, Possible Jihadist Link

A 29-year old French citizen, Mehdi Nemmouche, has been arrested in connection with the shooting at a Jewish museum in Brussels, which left 3 people dead.

The man, who is suspected to be connected to a Syrian jihadist group, was caught on CCTV cameras and later detained at a train station in Marseille, Euronews reported.

US Donates 2 Drones to Bulgaria

The United States government has donated two unmanned aerial vehicles "RQ-11 Raven" to the Bulgarian Army.

The total price of the drones amounts to USD 3 M, the daily Trud reported. Their primary purpose is for surveillance, but a weapon can also be mounted on them.

Bosnian Arrested Over Nightclub Bomb Attack

Pajazetovic, 30, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of causing the blast in the nightclub in the north-western Bosnian town, in which he and some 30 others were wounded.

Media reports claimed that he was causing trouble at the club by insulting customers and was ejected by bouncers. When he tried to go back in, he was denied entry, and later returned with the bomb.

Corruption Hindering Albania’s War on Terror, US Says

“While Albania has the political will to cooperate with countries in the region on counterterrorism initiatives, it lacked the capacity to implement effective controls,” the US State Department said.

“Corruption coupled with a poorly functioning judicial system continued to hinder Albanian efforts in law enforcement,” the report added.

CCTV captured footage of bomber, attack on Bank of Greece

Police sources confirmed on Friday that CCTV cameras at the Bank of Greece and another lender in central Athens recorded parts of Thursday morning’s car bomb attack.

The footage shows a Nissan Sunny being parked outside the central bank headquarters and the driver emerging from the vehicle wearing a helmet.

Moscow Allows Ukraine's Surveillance Flight to Disprove Troop Buildup

Russia's Defense Ministry has given permission for a surveillance flight by Ukraine over Russian territory near the border between the countries.

Russia has permitted the flight in order to demonstrate that any threat of military operations on the part of the Russian Armed Forces is absent, after Kiev had claimed Moscow was building up its military presence there.