Amid US withdrawal, Turkey supports Open Skies Treaty

With the pact under threat, Turkey wants to see continuation of the Open Skies Treaty for global stability and security, the country's Foreign Ministry said on May 23. 

"The Open Skies Treaty, which Turkey is a party to, is one of the main pillars of Euro-Atlantic conventional security architecture," ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy said in a written statement.

Europe’s Other Coronavirus Victim: Information and Data Rights

In the semi-democracies of the region, as lives moved from the public to the digital sphere, many freedoms were likewise suspended, while the burden of responsibility for violations fell on citizens as government imposed restrictions that in many cases flouted normal standards of human rights.

Serbian Bank Fraudster ‘Didn’t Import Arms for Security Service’

Former Serbian State Security operative Radivoje Micic told the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals on Thursday that controversial businesswoman Dafina Milanovic, who ran her bank as a pyramid scheme, did not help defendant Franko 'Frenki' Simatovic in 1993 by giving him money or helping him import arms and aircraft.