Renault reports suspension of planned capacity increase projects in Morocco, Romania to cut costs

Group Renault announced on Friday it was suspending planned capacity increase projects in Romania and Morocco as part of a plan to reduce fixed costs globally. According to a press statement released by the French group, the objective of reducing fixed costs by more than 2 billion euros over 3 years aims to restore the group's competitiveness and ensure its long-term development.

Gov't set to give strong support signal to research by adopting memorandum establishing ROHYDROHUB

The Romanian government wants to give a strong signal of support to research and innovation by adopting a memorandum for the establishment of the ROHYDROHUB, Romanian Hydrogen and New Energy Technologies Hub, as research in the use of hydrogen as an energy source is a component worth encouraging, according to government's Secretary General Antonel Tanase.

EC recommends Romania to avoid implementing permanent measures endangering fiscal sustainability

The European Commission has recommended Romania to pursue fiscal policies in line with the Council's recommendation of 3 April 2020 that Romania should put an end to the present excessive deficit situation by 2022 at the latest, according to the recommendations in the European Semester Spring package released on Wednesday.

Last day of 100% Hospitality webinars

The 100% Hospitality Online Week 2020 concludes on Friday, with its final day focusing on "Sustainability & Hotels." 
The first session is titled "Energy Saving in Hotels," the second will examine "How Hotels Will Become More Eco-Friendly After Covid-19," and the third will discuss "Sustainable Hotel Design." 
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The "virus storm" in the fall: A worrying prognosis by a German expert

Kekule told ZDF that monitoring of the infection chain is not yet at the desired level and that the risk groups are not sufficiently protected.
The agreed easing of measures reduces the level of safety, the director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology of the University Clinic Hale warns.