Iohannis: Romania, one of the largest economic growth in the EU, yet imbalances are widening

Romania currently has some of the highest rates of economic growth at European level, but it is also witnessing a widening of imbalances in terms of macroeconomic sustainability, according to a message by President Klaus Iohannis to the opening of a convention of the Congress of the Body Romania's Expert Accountants and Chartered Accountants (CECCAR) in the context of the 100th annivers

World's Biggest Sovereign Fund Pleads to Save Oceans

AFP - Companies should be doing more to protect the world's oceans, including combatting plastic waste pollution, Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest, said on Wednesday.

"The ocean is a vital part of the biosphere and an important part of the global economy," said Yngve Slyngstad, the head of the fund valued at 8.66 trillion kroner (890 billion euros, $1.03 trillion).