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Organic Producers are Preparing a Protest

Organic farmers are preparing a protest for the Ministry of Agriculture because most of them have not received the European funds they are allocated to under the Rural Development Program, the BNR announced. The National Bio-Association has said that they believe that officials are blamed for lack of funds and that the Ministry of Agriculture is complicit in draining European money.

Meet the farm that grows plants with zero sunlight, soil, pesticides, or water


In an old 69,000 square-foot factory in Newark, New Jersey, leafy greens and herbs are being grown with absolutely zero soil, pesticides, or sunlight. And it uses only 5% of the water that is used in conventional outdoor farms.

Despite difficulties, one of the country’s first organic farmers continues to fight the good fight

By Calliope Patera *

Christoforos Diamantis started farming organically in Marathon, northeast of Athens, in 1985, at a time when there were no agencies for certifying agricultural products, but even then he understood that pesticides and other heavy chemicals had no place in the cultivation of superior crops.

Bio Romania Association encourages farmers to convert to organic production till Aug 29, 2014

The "Bio-Romania" Association of Organic Agriculture Operators recommends that all farmers should register as organic agriculture operators in 2014 until the deadline, Aug 29, 2014, and submit requests to get financial support that could exceed 600 euros in 2015 for the farmers undergoing a period of conversion.