Sustainable development

China is Now the Biggest Producer of Solar Energy in the World

China has proven that it is, in fact, very serious about its intentions to lessen dependence on coal. According to China’s National Energy Administration (NEA), the country has more than doubled its solar energy production in 2016—making them the biggest producer of solar energy (in terms of capacity) in the world.

Doğan chair to attend Davos as sole Turkish member of key sustainability commission

Doğan Holding Chair Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı will attend the World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos, which will take place on Jan. 17-20, as the sole Turkish member in the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, which was launched in 2016 to enable the world to reach the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Sustainability and mobile technologies

Mobile technologies have penetrated into our lives immensely. We have become so hooked on to our mobile phones that we cannot think about leaving home without our devices.  For many of us living in the more developed parts of the world, it is a social need more than anything, something like an addiction. But for the majority of the world's population, mobile technologies signify more.

Bulgaria MPs Required to Submit Only Laws with Impact Assessment

Bulgarian lawmakers on Thursday agreed to procedural rules barring them from submitting bills that have no environmental impact assessment.

In case the draft legislation does not contain such assessment, it will not be sent to parliamentary committees and will therefore not make it further to Parliament's floor.

China increases Turkey's "3 i's" for a G-20 more relevant to the developing world

Turkey's G-20 presidency ended with the Antalya Summit last month, and the Chinese year has already begun with the release of the document "China G-20 2016: G-20 Summit 2016, China" that underlines its priorities for 2016. Looking back at the Turkish G-20 priorities document released approximately one year ago, one remembers the three "i's" - inclusiveness, implementation and investment.