Suva Reka

Kosovo Orders Retrial of Wartime Guerrilla Unit Commander

Remzi Shala's lawyer, Natal Bullakaj, told BIRN on Thursday that the Supreme Court has upheld the former guerrilla commander's appeal against his war crime conviction and sent the case for a retrial.

The retrial will be held at Prizren Basic Court, where Shala was originally sentenced in July last year to 14 years in prison.

Kosovo Liberation Army Ex-Guerrilla Convicted of War Crime

The court in Prizren on Wednesday sentenced Remzi Shala, a former Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA unit commander known during wartime as 'The Red Apple', to 14 years in prison for committing a war crime.

Shala was convicted of the kidnapping of Haxhi Perteshi from Duhel, a village in the Suhareka/Suva Reka area in 1998. Days after he was seized, Perteshi was found dead.

Kosovo Arrests Fugitive Ex-Guerrilla Commander

Fugitive former Kosovo Liberation Army unit commander Remzi Shala, known during wartime as 'The Red Apple', appeared in court in Prizren on Friday after being arrested, but denied he was trying to evade justice.

Shala is a suspect in the kidnapping in 1998 of an ethnic Albanian man who was subsequently killed, and was initially supposed to appear in court in Prizren on January 9.

Hague Prosecution Calls Kosovo MP for Questioning

Blerim Kuci. Photo: BIRN.

"Today I received the invitation letter and the order to appear before the high prosecutor of the Specialist Prosecutor's Office in The Hague, on March 12, 2019," Kuci wrote in a statement sent to local media on Thursday.

He added that he will "fulfil the obligation and will respond to this order".

"Pristina team's new chief threw corpses into lime pit"

The newspaper said on Monday that Limaj was a member of a group ten defendant acquitted of charges of crimes against civilians and members of the Serbian (Yugoslav) Army and (Serbian) police in the village of Klecka near Suva Reka in 1998.

Dozens of people were killed and massacred there, their bodies thrown into a lime pit to cover up the crime.

Kosovo: Displaced Serbs injured in attempt to visit church

Radio Gorazdevac and website KoSSev reported this on Monday afternoon.

The reports said that "a group of Albanians, previously dispersed by the Kosovo police, came back and surrendered the displaced Serbs, who managed to reach the Church of the Holy Trinity - although Albanians had been blocking their way since the morning."

Arrested Kosovo Serb released from custody

BELGRADE - A Serb man arrested in Kosovo-Metohija last August was released from custody on Friday, Tanjug learns.

Bogdan Mitrovic, 74, was arrested in Musutiste in the Kosovo municipality of Suva Reka on August 28 after being taken out of a group of displaced Serbs who had come to see their houses and a razed Orthodox church in the village. photo