Vandals desecrate Muslim cemetery in northern Greece

Suspected supporters of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party desecrated the Muslim cemetery of Alexandroupoli in northern Greece, local media reported Tuesday.
The vandals spray-painted the cemetery with nationalist graffiti and the party's swastika-like emble, while scattering fliers saying "Greece belongs to the Greeks."

Neo-Nazis remanded outside historic Athens Polytechnic

Police in the Greek capital on Tuesday remanded three suspected neo-Nazis who were trying to hang two swastika flags at the historic Athens Polytechnic building.

According to police, the suspects were trying to attach the flags to the entrance of the university where a student uprising in 1973 helped bring down the 1967-1974 military dictatorship.

The state we're in

Sure, the fascists who punched and kicked Yiannis Boutaris while he was down had nothing to do with the Pontic Greek movement, nothing to do with Thessaloniki or northern Greece. They were aliens from another planet who landed in the northern port city on Saturday.