The storied evolution of the woman's bathing suit

In 1907, Annette Kellerman appeared on a Boston beach wearing the world's first one-piece bathing suit for a woman. The 20-year-old Australian athlete was arrested on indecency charges even though the suit was extremely modest by modern standards. Yet the fact that it had short sleeves and stopped mid-thigh was considered provocative at a time when the sight of a lady's ankles was risque.

Sexy Nafeli Axioti proves precious things come in small packages (photos)

“My Style Rocks” is a reality show that tests the knowledge and taste of the young female contestants. The show aired on Skai TV, is quite popular with the female audience. It does have it male fans, too, though. They have their own favourite, which obviously differs from that of the ladies, as they take other things into consideration. It is Nefeli Axiotis.

Live streaming nip slip for sexy Latina weather girl goes viral (video-photos)

Solci Perez, 23, is the sexy weather girl for Argentina’s sports channel TyCSports. The blonde beauty recently had a wardrobe malfunction while doing a live stream via Instagram. In front of her 1.7 million followers, hot Sol, who was wearing a black swimsuit tried to come closer to the camera and adjust her low cut. But her bra shifted offering revealing her nipple to her followers.

Hot Katerina Stikoudi enjoys a swim in her sexy bikini (photos)

George Clooney might have the best face according to the Greek golden ratio, but we bet if the same rule was applied for female bodies, Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi woule probably be near perfect. Whether she wears a tiny bikini or a one-piece swim suit, sexy Katerina simply looks perfect.

God created Emily, who “rules” the bikini! (photos)

When it comes to female swimsuits there is no doubt the bikini rules. It is perfect for virtually all body-types and offers women an even tan all over. But some women wear it better than other. And if we want to be even more precise, one woman wears better than all others. It seems the two piece of cloth were made for  Emily Ratajkowski! She is the queen of the bikini.

First Nudist Fine on 'Dolphin Beach' Near Ahtopol

The tension on Delfin beach near Ahtopol has escalated - the first fine for public order violation has already been imposed. For the first summer the nudist beach has a tenant and the conflicts between tourists with swimwear and those who are nudists, reported bTV.

Mihail Kalchev is fined for having walked naked on the beach of Delfin.

Hot Athina Oikonomakou and her inflatable flamingo (photo)

Actress Athina Oikonomakou is both talented and sexy. The intelligent artist, who promotes and markets her own self-designed and crafted jewelery, loves Mykonos and now that summer is finally here she found the time to enjoy some moments by the sea. The beauty showed off her well-toned physique in one-piece swimsuit in a photo she shared with her many Instagram followers.