Swiss people

The Swiss are also Emigrating - More and More Young People are Trying their Luck Abroad

Mass emigration is not only common for the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, but also affects rich countries such as Switzerland.

Many Swiss are trying their luck in other countries, and their favorite destinations are France, Germany and the United States, as well as Australia and Thailand.

Health probe to go to House

A report by a parliamentary committee into alleged corruption and financial mismanagement in the public health sector is to go to the House in four sections, it emerged Thursday.

The first section of the 2,400-page report, to come to Parliament on November 6, concerns the transfer of the Henry Dunant Hospital to Piraeus Bank.

Suitors line up for Henry Dunant hospital

Piraeus Bank announced on Monday that it received an unspecified but "satisfactory" number of nonbinding bids for the sale of the Henry Dunant Hospital in Athens on August 3.

The bank said it will evaluate the offers with its financial adviser, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and invite successful applicants to continue in the second phase of the tender.