Athens Pride | Athens | June 10

The annual Athens Pride event for the LGBTQI community, celebrating equality, diversity and difference, gets under way at noon on Saturday, June 10, in Syntagma Square with body/face painting, music and dancing until the start of the parade at 6.30 p.m. The theme of this year's event is education and how perceptions can be shaped in the classroom.

Young artist's Syntagma show impresses with symbolism

Informed visitors and passers-by at Syntagma Square in central Athens were treated to a rare sight on the night of April 27, as the lights went off suddenly on the Grande Bretagne side of the public plaza, and for a few minutes the hotel's facade became a huge screen for the "BedSheets" art project, an initiative conceived and realized by a young artist.

May Day protests held in Athens

Workers hit by lower living standards and high unemployment are expected to take part in May Day protests staged in Athens and other cities on Monday.

Greece's umbrella unions, the private sector's GSEE and the public sector's ADEDY, are organizing a rally at 11 a.m. in central Athens. It will start at Klafthmonos Square and end in front of Parliament on Syntagma Square.

Athens traffic to be disrupted due to parades

Traffic will be disrupted in downtown Athens on Friday and Saturday to make way for celebrations marking the March 25 anniversary of Greek independence from Turkish rule in 1821.

Students all over the country will be holding parades on Friday, followed by a parade of the armed forces on Saturday centered around Syntagma Square.