The class dimensions of a virus

There is a social class dimension to the way the new coronavirus is affecting the population, and by that of course I do not mean the indirect revanchism of MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis, of the main opposition SYRIZA party, who almost celebrated the fact that the outbreak in our country started from a woman who returned from a trip to Milan and a student in a private school in Athens.

Staying home cyber-safe

While the international community is fighting Covid-19, a new challenge is emerging: how to defend against potential cyberattacks. Politicians, including in Greece, find themselves having to replace their face-to-face meetings with phone or video calls.

Mitsotakis briefs opposition leaders Tsipras, Gennimata on developments with coronavirus

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held an e-meeting with SYRIZA's main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras on Monday evening, and later with Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata, to brief them on the developments concerning the coronavirus outbreak in Greece.

SYRIZA opposition slams gov’t over migrant impasse

Greece's leftist opposition has urged the government to take immediate measures to decongest the eastern Aegean islands, where thousands of asylum-seekers are stranded, and to transfer vulnerable people to the mainland.
Failure to do so, SYRIZA said on Sunday, will increase the risk of confrontation between Greek citizens and police forces, as well as of violence against refugees.

Ex-minister Pappas to be summoned over Novartis case

One day after Greek-Israeli businessman Sabby Mionis accused former alternate justice minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos, the publisher of Dimokratia newspaper Ioannis Filippakis and two journalists of blackmail in 2016, the parliamentary committee probing the handling of the Novartis case by the former SYRIZA administration on Thursday summoned ex-digital policy minister Nikos Pappas to testify

Parliament opens debate on new social security bill

Greek lawmakers started debating on Tuesday evening a social security bill, which Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis describing it as a "watershed" law that will affect current and future generations. 

Earlier, the minister tabled an accompanying actuarial report which he said "proves the [draft] law's viability until 2070."