Vucic: New runway one of largest-ever investments in Belgrade airport

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday a new take-off and landing runway at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport was one of the largest-ever investments in the airport.

"The concession agreement (for the airport) is one of the five best things we have done. We are now proud of our airport," Vucic said before the opening of the new runway.

Serbia will soon be "hit": "In the next two hours..."

Thunderstorm systems over Romania are moving in a north-easterly altitudinal current towards Serbia, i.e. towards its north-eastern part.
"In the next two hours, rain and local showers with thunder are expected in the north of Vojvodina, the south of Banat, Srem and western Serbia," announced the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) in an announcement published at 4 p.m.

Vučić in Srem district: It is not an easy period ahead PHOTO

A visit to Donji Tovarnik and a conversation with representatives of the hunting association "Donji Tovarnik", the women's association "Sunev cvet" - Donji Tovarnik, as well as a tour of the mini zoo are planned.
In Stara Pazova, Vui visits the production plant of the company "Stamevski - My Candy", which is followed by a visit to Indjija and the "Plastik Gogi" factory.

The Fall of Vukovar: Oral History of a Croatian Town’s Destruction

The Yugoslav People's Army, aided by Serb Territorial Defence forces and paramilitaries from Serbia, launched a full-blown attack on Vukovar in eastern Croatia on August 25, 1991, beginning a siege that would last for 86 days and leave around 3,000 soldiers and civilians dead before the town's defenders had to surrender.