"You will become a radioactive waste dump"

In the announcement of the Russian Embassy in London, the statement of the Deputy British Defense Minister James Heappey about sending weapons with depleted uranium to Ukraine is recalled. According to the embassy, Heappey's words show the ruthless policy of the Anglo-Saxons on the general escalation of the "conflict through intermediaries" that they initiated in Ukraine.

With support of armored personnel carriers, Russian BRO571 occupy Ukrainian positions

It is added that Russian fighters with the support of a T-72 tank and several BMP-3 combat vehicles launched an assault on the enemy fortification.
Information is being transmitted on social networks that it is "Ural", a mechanized unit that took part in occupying enemy positions.

Germany has delivered Leopard tanks to Ukraine: Scholz

Germany has delivered promised Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday, providing Kiev with much-needed heavy weaponry against Russia.

"Yes, we delivered Leopard tanks as we announced," Scholz told a press conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Rotterdam when asked to confirm a report in news outlet Spiegel.

Germany promises swift answer on battle tanks for Ukraine

Berlin was expected to announce a decision on Wednesday on the export of powerful German-made Leopard battle tanks long sought by Kiev, and encouraged allies to start training Ukrainian forces to use them.

Western nations have pledged ever-more sophisticated military hardware in recent weeks to help Ukraine repel Russia's invasion, with all eyes in Kiev on the battle tanks.

Day 331 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Unprecedented Help from the US and European Countries

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

A group of 11 NATO countries pledged new military aid to Ukraine

A group of 11 NATO countries, including Britain and Poland, pledged new military aid to support Ukraine's war with Russia on Thursday, a day before a key arms meeting for Kyiv scheduled for Friday in Germany.