Thе Bulgarian Military Equipment Is In Critical Condition and Endangers the Life of the Personnel

23% of the armoured vehicles (48% of which are tanks), 80% of the aviation equipment and 10% of the ships that are in service at the Bulgarian army are malfunctioning, learned BulgarianMilitary.com on the basis of the Report on the state of defence and armaments, which the Bulgarian Cabinet passed at its last regular meeting and submitted to parliament for approval.

A matter of definition

Where in the political spectrum do you place a politician who dreams of tanks when he thinks about foreign policy?

In which political family would you say that someone who boasts of Skopje being "a 20-minute job" for a platoon of tanks belongs?

Greek e-governance fragmented and chaotic, says report

Hundreds of inactive webpages of state entities and electronic systems which, due to delays in their use, become outdated are some of the findings of a report on Greek public administration for the first quarter of 2018, conducted by the Athens-based think tank To Diktio, and presented exclusively by Kathimerini.

Robots could become “Klashnikovs” of future after entering black market: Tech thinktank

Robots equipped with artificial intelligence technologies could become the “Kalashnikovs” of the future after entering the black market, a report by the technology think tank ThinkTech has suggested, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Feb. 13. 

German soldier shows stability of tank (video)

A German soldier places a beer on the tip of a tank’s machine gun showing off how stable it is. The video shows a black beret-wearing member of the German Army’s Panzer Corps pouring a beer into a stein mounted on a tank’s 120-millimeter gun barrel. The Leopard II model battle tank then rolls across rough terrain and doesn’t spill a single drop.


Turkey's indigenous main battle tank gets facelift after Euphrates Shield operation

An advanced and asymmetric version of Turkey's indigenous main battle tank, the Altay, has been developed by Otokar to meet the changing needs and requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces based on experiences from the Euphrates Shield operation, Otokar's chief has told the Hürriyet Daily News.