Tatoi Palace

Ex-king to be buried as a private citizen in Athens

Greece's former King Constantine II, who died on Tuesday night aged 82, will be buried privately at a former royal estate north of Athens, the Greek government said on Wednesday.

Deposed by military rulers and spurned by his subjects who voted to ditch the monarchy in 1974, Constantine II was the only son of King Paul and Queen Frederica of Greece.

Ex-king will not be granted a state funeral, government says

Greece's former king Constantine II, who died on Tuesday aged 82, will not be granted a state funeral, the government said Wednesday.

A funeral and a memorial service will be held at the former royal family's summer palace of Tatoi, northwest of Athens, where his ancestors are also laid to rest. There was no announcement on the date of the funeral.

Tatoi Estate: The known and unknown treasures of the former royal family

The news of rare alcoholic beverages, collectible bottles or even unknown in the Greek market soft drinks may have made the rounds of the Internet and once again turned eyes to the former royal estate of Tatoi, however, this discovery, announced by the ministry Culture, is not the first for 2021.

Statues and estates

With the exception of the statue of the former American president Harry Truman in downtown Athens that has been toppled, splashed with paint and firebombed, Greece has not witnessed, at least in recent years, any attempts to "erase" history by means of vandalism.

At least four carriages discovered in ex-royal estate

At least four carriages were discovered by Culture Ministry conservators working at the former royal estate of Tatoi in northern Athens, according to the Friends of Tatoi Society, a citizens' group that supports the salvation of the estate.

One of the carriages is the closed one used during the wedding of Queen Sophia of Spain and King Juan Carlos in Athens in 1962.

Tatoi estate poses challenges for conservators

The documentation and storage of some 50,000 objects and heirlooms at the former royal estate of Tatoi in northern Athens between 2004 and 2012 was an operation of titanic proportions.

Packed for the time being into three closed rooms, around 10,000 of them needed expert attention before they could be moved, but the remaining 40,000 are still waiting to be tended to.