Fair solution

Expanding a measure to reduce the rent that all businesses affected by the new coronavirus and their employees have to pay is a necessary instrument that will provide relief during this period of intense pressure.

"You do not have to pay taxes and contributions now, the state will pay"

Yesterday's press conference presented an economic program to help the economy with 5.1 billion euros, and, according to the minister, it is aid amounting to 11 percent of Serbia's gross domestic product.
The measures, Mali told RTS, have two goals, preserving jobs and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Bulgaria’s GDP to Decline by 3% in the Worst Case Scenario

The latest budgetary changes adopted by the Bulgarian government are based on the worst case scenario for the development of the COVID-19 crisis, this country's Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov said. We have developed three different scenarios, but we assume the most negative one, in order to guarantee the functioning of all public systems until the end of 2020.

Planning the post-crisis recovery

Tax reductions and liquidity supply to enterprises are at the core of the package of financial measures the government is planning to implement when the coronavirus pandemic is put under control. The aim is to avoid the scenario painted by Greek and foreign analysts of a major contraction of gross domestic product this year.

Editorial: Time for five tech giants to shell out the money

The hour for a great redistribution of wealth has arrived.

The five American technological tech giants - Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple should dig deep into their pockets and exhibit palpable solidarity with their global audience.

This is a moral duty because it is that global audience that embraced them, nurtured them, and led to their aggrandisement.