Tax reform

Finance finds planned tax reform unambitious

Ljubljana – The business newspaper Finance believes the tax reform drafted by the Finance Ministry is far from ambitious, even though it says in its commentary on Monday that any reform is better than none.

The proposal has not left the ministry yet and it might not be adopted in its current form or at all, the paper says under the headline Tax Reform – Better Some than None?

State to give support to landlords as well as tenants

Next week the Finance Ministry will announce the measures to support the landlords who have lost 40 percent of their rental revenues in March, April and May. Sources say the government is considering covering part of the losses through this year's tax declarations, while in 2021 they will only pay tax for the actual rent collected.

Katainen: 'For Greek governments, restoring trust is essential'

"Trust is like oxygen - you notice it only when it is running out." This is the metaphor used by Jyrki Katainen, European Commission vice president for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness, to underscore how important trust is for investors - when it comes to investing in a country like Greece.