Taxation in the United States

More taxes being paid on time

Rough estimates of tax evasion put it at between €8-10 billion. But recent data show that tax compliance is increasing, which accounts for higher than expected revenue in the first seven months of the year.

Data also show that compliance is higher among businesses than among individuals.

About one in 10 taxpayers haven’t filed income declarations

With two weeks to go before the final extended deadline to submit income tax forms - noon on Thursday, August 31 - 5,945,364 of the about 6.5 million taxpayers, or slightly over 9 out of 10 (91.5%) have submitted their declarations so far, the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) says. 

Tax collection commandos

Pressure is growing on state debtors who refuse to join the debt programs of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance. From September 25, according to the timetable, the centers for certification and collection of debts (KEBEIS) will be activated. The goal is for the two debt collection centers in Athens and Thessaloniki to operate under the same rules in order to avoid past mistakes.

The Bulgarian National Assembly finally approved the 2023 Budget

The Bulgarian Parliament finally approved the 2023 Budget in a meeting that started at 9 a.m. yesterday and lasted almost 21 hours.

The financial framework is calculated at a deficit of three percent - on an accrual basis, with the preservation of a large part of the originally proposed capital program.

New income tax filing deadline of Aug 31

The deadline for the filing of income tax returns for 2022 has been extended to August 31, following the passing of an amendment in parliament.

However, the payment deadline for the first tax instalment remains July 31. In effect, this means that taxpayers who submit their returns by the new deadline will have to pay two instalments in one month (those for July and August).