Taxation in the United States

Joe Biden and his Wife earned a total of 580,000 Dollars in 2022

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill published their tax return, according to which the two earned nearly $580,000 last year and paid a state tax of 23.8%, BTA reported citing Reuters.

The Bidens donated about 3.5% of their income, i.e. $20,180, to 20 charities, including one affiliated with the American Police Officers Union.

Platform for income tax declarations has opened

The platform for submitting the 2023 income tax forms has opened, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) said on Friday. 

The deadline for filing Greek income (for the 2022 calendar year) is June 30. For those owing tax, the first installment will be due at the end of July 2023 and the last on February 29, 2024 (eight installments). 

MEPs taxed like any citizen

A 3% discount on the total amount of income tax will once again be available this year to taxpayers who pay it all at once by July 31, according to an amendment to the omnibus bill of the Ministry of Finance.

It is noted that the platform for submitting tax declarations is expected to open on March 30 this year, while the deadline for submitting income tax returns will be June 30.

Cyprus proceeds with pending tax rebates

An intensive effort by Cyprus' Tax Department in recent months has resulted in rebates of over 70 million euros of excess taxes, with an additional €200 million expected to be paid, according to the head of the department, Sotiris Markides.

He emphasized that the Tax Department aims to clear all outstanding corporate and individual taxpayer rebates by the end of 2023.

Digital taxman is on the way

After 26 years of the electronic systems Taxis (tax system) and Taxisnet (applications for citizens), the government and the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) are proceeding with changes, with the aim of taking the tax office into a new era, covering and supporting complex inspections technologically and operationally.