How China Shapes our Future

In the middle of May, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order enabling the federal government to prohibit US companies from buying telecom equipment from foreign companies. The first to feel the damage from the order was Chinese company Huawei. How do you see this situation?

Construction and Mining AI Startup Secures $5m Funding

When most people in the general public think of autonomous vehicles, they think of the self-driving cars and the potential for autonomous taxis (wouldn't Uber be so much better if there weren't any humans involved?). However, another technological revolution has been slowly brewing on the sidelines.

Revolut and Monese have Released Apple Pay in Bulgaria

Apple Pay is officially in Bulgaria. The payment service via iPhone is available with a Revolut digital bank account. The British fine-tech company, which has begun work in Bulgaria in April, will maintain its service in 11 new countries: Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. they also use it abroad.

NPP Kozloduy's Sixth Block Was Shut Down

NPP Kozloduy's sixth block was shut down from the country's energy system after the electrical protection was triggered, the plant said.

It happened just before 14:00.

All systems of the block have worked according to the design algorithms.

At the moment, the Nuclear Power Plant teams remove the causes of electrical protection.

Chinese investment in AI industry

DeepBlue Technology, a leading Chinese firm in the artificial intelligence technology industry, announced at a press conference in Athens last Wednesday its dynamic entry into the Greek market with AI applications that are set to radically change public transport, payment methods, retail and the overall urban environment.