Military Medical Academy with a New Home Monitoring System for Patients

Bulgaria is becoming the first country in the world with a system for monitoring the vital parameters of patients with COVID-19 at home

The Military Medical Academy now has its own system for monitoring patients at home. It is developed by the Bulgarian IoT company Allterco Robotics and is an innovative oximeter for monitoring vital parameters.

Stricter measures for Turkey’s malls introduced

Authorities in Istanbul have introduced stricter measures, particularly for the use of air conditioners and shopper traffic inside the venues, for the city's malls after people swarmed shopping centers and social distancing rules were largely violated after they reopened on May 11 as part of the "normalization program."

REM initiates proceedings for blood ozonation aired live on a national broadcaster

As the newly elected member of Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) Slobodan Cvejic said, the further outcome will be seen after the convening of the regular session, which must be attended by the other party to declare itself, after which the Council will discuss and make a final decision.

The Spread of Coronavirus in Houston, Tx

What is the truth about this pandemic? Are the politicians being honest about this virus? No one really knows whats going to happen in the future unless a vaccine is produced soon. The vaccine will be the ultimate hammer to give the world peace of mind of this disease. Modern medical science has not been tested this aggressively since the epidemic of the AIDS virus.

First Romanian educational tablet has been launched, project initiated by MEP Victor Negrescu

A team coordinated by Social Democratic Party (PSD) MEP Victor Negrescu made up of teachers, entrepreneurs in the digital field, representatives of civil society and public figures launched on Tuesday the first Romanian educational tablet during an online conference.

Israel to lease surveillance drones to Greek Defense Ministry

Israel will lease surveillance drones to Greece following a deal between the two countries' defense ministries, Bloomberg reports.

The three-year lease agreement gives Greece the option to buy the drones after the end of the period, the report said.

The Heron unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are made by Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.