On 5G ‘Journey’, Opportunity at Every Turn for Balkan Economies

In the Balkans, Slovenia is ahead of the rest, with Telekom, the country's leading provider of ICT services, having already launched the first 5G mobile network in July this year. Slovenia is now one of 18 of the European Union's 27 members with a 5G commercial network.

Turkish firm converts manned helicopter into UAV

A Turkish technology firm has converted a helicopter into an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with high payload and long flight time and range to meet military and civilian needs.

The core technology and solution of the project is to reduce the need for hands-on human involvement, Selman Dönmez, a top executive of Titra Technology, told Anadolu Agency.

The Sea Between My Soul | December 20-29

"The Sea Between My Soul" is a multisensory rock musical by Raed Yassin, who uses taxidermied animals to commemorate the thousands of people who have perished in the Mediterranean Sea through the ages in a performance that fuses black humor with irony. It features vocals by Alan Bishop of the experimental rock outfit Sun City Girls.

5G will boost multiple sectors

The fifth generation of mobile telecommunications (5G), which Greece moves a step closer to on Wednesday with the auction of available bandwidth, is based on higher frequencies and on a greater section of the frequency spectrum, allowing for data to reach a higher number of appliances compared to the past, and faster too.