Undercover cops fine taxi drivers for disobeying rules

In a bid to curb taxi scams done against foreign tourists, police officers have been continuously running inspections to bust taxi scams and fine drivers who fail to obey the rules.

Disguised as Arab tourists, police officers fined taxi drivers in Istanbul's Eminönü district on Sept. 16 for not obeying rules.

University of Nova Gorica part of ESA measurement campaign

Nova Gorica – Researchers from the University of Nova Gorica, from Haze Instruments, and extreme pilot Matevž Lenarčič, will take part in a European Space Agency (ESA) project in Cape Verde later this month. The project aims to study the accuracy of satellite measurements and the use of these measurements in models of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Caretaker Education Minister Yet to Decide How New School Year Will Start - Remotely or in Person

At the end of August, it will be clear how the new school year will start - remotely or in person, the caretaker Minister of Education Prof. Nikolay Denkov told BNR. Every effort has been made to inform those employed in the education sector to get vaccinated, but people's concerns continue to delay the process.