A taste of Jamaica at the Technopolis festival

The TUN it UP Festival at Technopolis (Old Gas Factory, 100 Pireos Street, Gazi) is one of the biggest dancehall festivals in Greece. The festival this year includes a number of surprises and a night full of dance, music, and colors! There are special shows by many dancehall crews from Greece and abroad, live musical performances, and a bazaar with jewelry, clothing and etc.

Beth Hart in Athens, June 30th

She has impressed her fans for twenty whole years with her extreme vocal range and musical talent. Beth Hart’s unique voice has moved guitar legends Jeff Beck, Slash, Joe Bonamassa, and Buddy Guy to record albums with her and appear live on stage alongside her.


“Dinner in the sky” for St. Valentine’s couples, in Athens

This isn’t a scene from a romance flick, but a real thing, according to which anyone can enjoy “Dinner in the sky”.


Technopolis, in Gazi, Athens, will be hosting said platform on St. Valentine’s Day, inviting couples in love to enjoy a romantic meal high above the ground.


Youth Entrepreneurship Conference opens Thursday in Athens

The First European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference opens on Thursday in the City of Athens’s Technopolis cultural complex in Gazi, organized by the Youth Entrepreneurship association, the municipality’s initiative for business start-ups, InnovAthens, and the Dutch Embassy’s incubator for new enterprises in Greece, Orange Grove.

The event concludes on Saturday.

Athens's diverse cultures meet on the same wavelength

It may be located in the Technopolis cultural complex, at the heart of Athens's trendy Gazi neighborhood, but there is a pregnant silence in the dimly lit basement studio of Athena 9.84 radio station. Then at 4 p.m. this small underground space fills with melodies, words and flavors from around the world.

From sardines to truffles: Greek food stars at weekend festivals

Greece’s culinary delights are on the agenda this weekend with two gastronomy events in Athens showcasing why the country has come a long way since the days of moussaka dominance. From sardine sandwiches as street food extraordinaire to rare-to-come-by wild truffles, the wealth of local produce is laid out through displays and lots of interactive activity.

Technopolis Owner Acquires Bulgaria's Praktiker Branches

Videolux Holding was given on Thursday go-aheadto pursue with the acquisition of German DIY chain Praktiker in Bulgaria.

The deal, which had been pending approval by Bulgaria's Competition Protection Commission since February 27, was added into the watchdog's registry, the website reported.