Ceiling imposed on roaming rates within the EU as of May 15

International cellphone calls and text messages within the European Union are due to become considerably cheaper as of May 15.

Starting on Wednesday, service suppliers will have to apply rates of up to 0.19 euros per minute for calls to cellphones in other EU member-states as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, and up to 0.06 euros per text message (SMS).

We Can Check Our Voting Section Over the Internet, by SMS or by Phone

Citizens can check the number of their polling station in the forthcoming European Parliament elections on the Internet, by SMS or by telephone. The reports are provided by the Directorate General "Civil Registration and Administrative Services" at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works announced.

Today we Celebrate the International Day of Radio and Television

On 7 May, we celebrate the International Radio and Television Day. On that day in 1895, Alexander Popov presented his new discovery in St. Petersburg. He demonstrated for the first time to the Russian Physical Society a device invented by him to transmit and receive electric oscillations over long distances without a conductor.