Telephone tapping

One of France's Richest People Admitted of Being a Spy When He Was a Teenager

A newspaper mogul ranked among France's richest 25 people has admitted he was a teenage spy who hacked the mobile phone of President Mitterrand.

Xavier Niel, 52, is the co-owner of Le Monde newspaper and the 21st richest person in France with an estimated fortune of €8 billion.

Zaev Testifies in North Macedonia Wiretapping Trial

North Macedonia's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev appeared before the Skopje Criminal Court on Thursday as a witness in the ongoing case "Target-Fortress", in which former top interior ministry and secret police officials are charged with masterminding and carrying out a massive illegal wiretapping operation.

Stefanovic: President is entitled to revoke classification of any document

Nebojsa Stefanovic added that it was in the public interest to reveal that Aleksandar Vucic was wiretapped and under surveillance.
Stefanovic said that it was not the point that the President read out a classified document on TV, but that he was under surveillance and being wiretapped.

Greek phone executive's death in wiretap case ruled murder

A Greek prosecutor has brought murder charges against unknown perpetrators over a telecoms executives death - initially dismissed as suicide - on the eve of a major wiretap scandal in 2005.

The charges formally filed Thursday mean that Greek judicial authorities will now try to establish who was responsible for the March 2005 hanging death of Costas Tsalikidis.

Greece Agrees to Extradite Macedonian Wiretap Suspects

A Greek court in Thessaloniki has aproved a Macedonian request for the extradition of two former secret police employees linked to the wiretapping scandal that brought down Macedonia's previous government.

The two former police officers, Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskoski, have claimed that their lives might be in danger if they are extradited to Macedonia.