Suzana Vasiljevic: President's health was not well

"President wasn't feeling well, and Ursula von der Leyen arrives tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow we are going to Nis with her, to mark the launch of work on the new railway corridor, after that we go to Dubai and with everyday problems in Kosovo, he simply had to slow down a bit", said Vasiljevic on Tuesday night.

Albania Govt’s Planned Information Agency Accused of ‘Propaganda’ Role

The Albanian government has come under criticism from the opposition and rights groups after it decided on Saturday to establish a new Agency for Media and Information that will centralise the government's media messaging, sparking allegations that Prime Minister Edi Rama's administration is seeking to evade media scrutiny.

Putin in self-isolation

Kremlin said that such a decision was made after at least one person was tested positive for coronavirus, and who was in the environment of the President of Russia. The statement added that the Russian leader postponed all meetings to video calls.

Putin in mourning - pictures toured the world VIDEO / PHOTO

Photographs of a crushed Putin over his associate's deathbed have traveled the world.


For Putin, Zinichev was more than an associate, although he was officially the Minister of Emergency Situations.
He was also Putin's personal bodyguard for a while.