Mitsotakis to announce measures on streamlining state, taxes, Mati

In his final address to Parliament before his government receives the constitutionally mandated vote of confidence tonight, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to make key announcements about disaster relief for fire-ravaged Mati, improvements in the arrangement for payment of delinquent taxes in 120 instalments, and measures to transcend problems caused by the proportional represent

Double Crop of Lavender This Year

Farmers in the Dobrich region harvest lavender of nearly twice as many areas as compared to last year's crop, according to the regional directorate of Agriculture. There is a trend of continuous increase of the massifs with the oilseed crop, which this summer reached 72 239 decares. A year ago there were 39 640 decares of lavender and only 6961 decares - in 2016

Today we Celebrate the International Day of Radio and Television

On 7 May, we celebrate the International Radio and Television Day. On that day in 1895, Alexander Popov presented his new discovery in St. Petersburg. He demonstrated for the first time to the Russian Physical Society a device invented by him to transmit and receive electric oscillations over long distances without a conductor.