Religion 'becoming political tool in right wing populist Europe'

Islam replaced communism as the "other" in terms of ideology, and as a result Europe is becoming more Christian because of the growing hatred against any kind of Islam, Professor Ayhan Kaya has said. Europe is becoming more Christian culturally, not religiously, according to Kaya, who defines the Islamophobes voting for right-wing populist parties as "Christian atheists."

Precedent-setting Moldovan Whistleblower still Seeking Justice

"He is the first, because the notion of whistleblower did not exist in the Strasbourg Court's vocabulary until then," Vitalie Zama, one of the lawyers in Guja's case, told BIRN.

"And the first question that was asked was whether or not to protect the whistleblowers; whether freedom of expression exists for them or not."

'I suffered the consequences'

Editorial: Greece in the era of instability

Undoubtedly the global political system has entered a period of instability and we can see that and the resulting complications on a daily basis.

The actions of the US President have undermined the credibility of the once sole superpower.

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Bulgaria is Among the Four Leading Countries in Europe in the Management of Ship Traffic

Bulgaria is among the four leading countries in Europe in the management of ship traffic, Transport Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov said at the opening of an international conference on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of ship traffic management and information services in Bulgaria .

Mitsotakis to announce measures on streamlining state, taxes, Mati

In his final address to Parliament before his government receives the constitutionally mandated vote of confidence tonight, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to make key announcements about disaster relief for fire-ravaged Mati, improvements in the arrangement for payment of delinquent taxes in 120 instalments, and measures to transcend problems caused by the proportional represent