Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia

Important notification of the Ministry of the Interior for all citizens

According to the statement, due to the increased interest of citizens in issuing personal documents - passports, IDs and driver's licenses before the summer vacation season, and by order of Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin, the work of the departments for issuing personal IDs is introduced on Sundays as well.

Serbia Grants Vukovar Massacre Convict Early Release

Miroljub Vujovic, a Serb wartime fighter who was convicted in Serbia of participating in killing some 200 prisoners from the Croatian town of Vukovar at the nearby Ovcara Farm in November 1991, has been granted early release based on the Belgrade Appeals Court's conclusion that his "resocialisation" is complete.

Vučić in Kraljevo, Gendarmerie: "Christ God" VIDEO / PHOTO

Vui first visited and greeted the infantry army, after which he addressed them.
"Be ready, work, practice, and we will do our best to make your life easier. That you can have a secure future. If Serbia calls on you to protect our people, I know that you will respond. Thank you very much for that."
Vui emphasizes that we will keep peace and stability.

Serbian Ministry Presents Film on ‘Heroic’ Brigade Suspected of Crimes

The Serbian Defence Ministry showed the film about the now-disbanded Yugoslav Army 125th Motorised Brigade on Thursday evening in Belgrade to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its establishment, despite claims that it was involved in war crimes during eth Kosovo conflict.

Based on Vučić's order, more than 15.000 soldiers got "alerted" this morning PHOTO

"Based on the directive of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Army and the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vui, a check of the combat readiness of the commands, units and institutions of the Serbian Army began early this morning," it was stated at the beginning of the press release.

Serb Chetniks’ Links to War Criminals and Extremists Uncovered

But even though inter-ethnic relations remain highly sensitive, members of Chetnik associations from Bosnia and Serbia who participate in these events did not face any consequences for staging their rowdy celebrations and singing nationalist songs that seem to threaten bloodshed until last year.