Terrorism in Iraq

30 Foreigners Detained in Turkey in an Operation against Islamic State

30 foreigners were detained in Turkey in an operation against the Islamic State organization, the BNR reported. Intelligence Councils and the Counter-Terrorism Task Force in Istanbul have carried out a simultaneous operation of 12 addresses in 7 districts. The operation was done at night, but it was reported this afternoon. Searches of documents and electronic materials have been seized.

Iraqi Army Liberated a City from ISIS

Iraqi military forces fighting the terrorist group Islamic state have liberated the center of the northern city of Tal Afar and its citadel that was built during the Ottoman Empire, FOCUS News Agency reported.

"Parts of the Counter-Terrorist Forces have fed the Citadel and Basatin districts and erected the Iraqi flag on the fortress," the military said.

Iraq starts to bomb IS-controlled city of Tal Afar

Iraq has begun an aerial bombardment of Tal Afar, a town under Islamic State control west of Mosul, Baghdad-based al-Sumariya TV said on Tuesday, citing an Iraqi Defence Ministry spokesman.
The ground attack to try to take the city should start when the air campaign is over, the spokesman, Mohammed al-Khodari, said, according to the TV channel.