Terrorism in the Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia Shootout Suspects Want Politicians to Testify

Lawyers for 37 defendants accused of participating in the shootout with police that left 18 people dead in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo want a retired police general who is now head of the small opposition Dignity party, Stojance Angelov, and the head of the junior party in the country's ruling coalition, Democratic Union for Integration chief Ali Ahmeti, to appear as witnesses.

Macedonia ISIS Suspects Ready for Plea Bargain

The Skopje criminal Court has directed six terror suspects who have indicated willingness to plead guilty to charges to settle their sentences with the prosecution.

The court said it would then hold an additional session to determine whether to accept or discard the charges by the prosecution, which may or may not result in trial.

Macedonia: Terror suspects were "defending against police"

The 29 suspects accused of committing acts of terrorism in Kumanovo's Divo neighborhood last May - most of them Albanians from Kosovo - have pleaded not guilty.

Moreover, the told a court in Skopje they were "defending themselves against the police that was attacking." Eight policemen were killed, and more than 30 injured during the incident.

Macedonia Shootout Suspects Deny Terrorism Charges

All 29 men accused of being part of or helping the armed group that clashed with police in ethnically-mixed Kumanovo in May this year told the Skopje court on Monday that they were not terrorists.

The ethnic Albanian suspects denied the charges and said the bloody two-day shootout was a result of them defending themselves from the police.

Hospital Shooting in Skopje Leaves One Doctor, Two Other People Injured

One doctor and two other people were injured in an armed assault at the Abdominal Surgery Clinic in the Macedonian capital of Skopje on Monday morning.

Media report that an angry patient shot at the doctor after an argument with him, the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA) informs.

There is no information on the other two people, who were reportedly injured in the shooting.