Theodoros Zagorakis

ND MEP and Euro 2004 hero Zagorakis included in socialists’ candidate lineup for European elections

Socialist PASOK on Sunday unveiled its roster of candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections in June.

Controversially, among the 34 candidates was Theodoros Zagorakis, currently in his second term as an MEP representing ruling New Democracy.

FIFA and UEFA threaten Greek football with ‘Grexit’

The global governing body of football, FIFA and its European branch UEFA have threatened Greece with expelling all its clubs and the Greek national football team from all international competitions, after a meeting between their representatives in Athens and Greek Deputy Minister for Sports Stavros Kontonis came to an impasse.

MEP Zagorakis's immunity lifted so he can stand trial

New Democracy MEP Theodoros Zagorakis had his immunity lifted on Wednesday by the European Parliament so he could stand trial in Greece in connection to an accident that happened at PAOK?s Toumba Stadium in May 2010, when he was the club?s chairman.

The ex-soccer player is accused of failing to abide by safety regulations and being responsible for an employee?s injury.

EP Legal Affairs Committee in favor of stripping New Democracy MEP Zagorakis of immunity

The European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs unanimously decided to strip New Democracy MEP Theodoros Zagorakis of his parliamentary immunity, following a request forwarded by the Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Greece on 19 December 2014 and announced in plenary on January 28, 2015.

WWII hero Glezos, 91, to become MEP along with Zagorakis and 19 others

World War Two hero Manolis Glezos is set to be elected to European Parliament at the age of 91 following Sunday’s vote in Greece. He is set to be joined in Brussels and Strasbourg by the former captain of Greece’s Euro 2004-winning soccer team, Theodoros Zagorakis.