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Victory is Not Enough: "We Continue the Change" will Depend on Complex Negotiations

The youngest political group, "We Continue the Change", won the Bulgarian parliamentary elections (surprisingly against the background of sociologists' forecasts), but it is facing difficult negotiations to form a government in the new 47th National Assembly and the final success of the debutants will depend on them.

Kiril Petkov: I will be Candidate for Prime Minister from "We Continue the Change"

I will be a candidate for prime minister from "We Continue the Change", but this will be a matter of negotiations - Kiril Petkov told BNT. He added that talks with the parties will start tomorrow, with which they will look for a working cabinet.

He considered corruption to be the most important priority.

Gallup Poll for Elections: GERB leads in front of BSP, "We Continue the Change" with Biggest Reserve

GERB leads with a clear difference in the parliamentary elections, "We Continue the Change" has the biggest reserve, because it is the first choice of the people who have decided to vote, but are still hesitant about for whom.

The data are from a Gallup International Balkan survey for, conducted face-to-face, among 1,081 adult Bulgarians, in the period October 23-31.

Bulgaria Introduces COVID-19 “Green Certificate” for All Indoor Activities from October 21

Bulgarian Health authorities are introducing a green certificate for all indoor activities. This was announced by the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov and his deputies Alexander Zlatanov and Toma Tomov.

The green certificate will take effect with an order from 00:00, Thursday, October 21.

"We Continue The Change" Hopes for 30% of Votes on Upcoming Elections and Future Ruling Coalition

"We continue the change" is aimed at 30% of the parliamentary vote "We continue the change" has the ambition to achieve 30% support of the voters in the upcoming parliamentary elections. This was stated in a tv interview by Kiril Petkov, who is one of the founders of the political formation.

Chairman of Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov Will Run for President

Lozan Panov's candidacy for president was raised  literally in few hours.

This is stated by the leadership of the civil initiative "Justice for Everyone". Velislav Velichkov said that they met on Friday afternoon and decided to set up an initiative committee for the nomination of the chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC).

Next Bulgarian Parliament May Be Even More Fragmented - Poll

n the run-up to the November 14 snap parliamentary elections, held hand-in-hand with presidential elections, a likelihood emerges for an even more pronounced fragmentation of the political space and a Parliament with seven parties, according to the latest opinion poll which was financed and implemented jointly by the commercial bTV and the Market Links polling agency.

Before the Election, GERB's Party Electorate is the Most Mobilized, According to Survey

GERB's party electorate is most mobilized before the November 11th elections, with 82% supporting the party. This is shown by the results of a sociological survey of "Market Links" commissioned by BTV. It was conducted among 1076 people in the period 14-20 September 2021 by the methods of direct personal interview and online survey.