New ferry service launched between Thessaloniki, İzmir

Despite the growing tensions between Greece and Türkiye, the ports of Thessaloniki and İzmir were connected by ferry as of Oct. 12.

The maiden voyage was set from Thessaloniki to İzmir with "Smyrna di Levante," a vessel that is 160 meters in length and 23 meters in width and is owned by the Greek-based shipping company, Levante Ferries.

Ferry services between İzmir, Thessaloniki to start in September

Ferry services between Türkiye's Aegean province of İzmir and the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, a project on the table since 2011, will begin in September, a Greece-based ferry company has announced.

Athens-based company Levanta Ferries declared that a ferry named "Smyrna di Levante" would hold service once a week between the two sides of the Aegean.