A plan for Greece’s youth

By Lefteris Charalambopoulos

I have said it many times before.

The political system does not have a clue about what is going on with Greek youth.

It does not have a clear picture of their situation.

It cannot understand how the younger generation sees things.

It has no idea how they experience the crisis in education.

Pandemic Effects: Some Students in Bulgaria Refuse to Return to In-person Classes

Not only has the pandemic led children to lose their motivation to study, but that has also been compounded by a new phenomenon of students refusing to return to  in-person learning at school. Other than that, the pandemic has not led to a larger than usual number of mental complaints among children and youths. 

Teachers opting not to grade students, citing lack of data

Given the ubiquitousness of remote learning, many teachers are opting not to evaluate their students using grades for the first four months of the school year, choosing instead to give a descriptive assessment of their progress. 

The reason cited is the lack of necessary data that would allow them to draw the necessary conclusions.

Exploring art as healer and alchemy

Nazlı Gürlek Hodder's creative process is an instinctive and unconditioned path. Her urge to create is like a primitive instinct coming from her soul and her body. That's how her works reflect primitive and sentient drawings and installations. She reflects onto body and soul connection depicting how both the body and mind are a collaboration of sentiments, through creativity.