Ancient artifacts throw light on history in northwestern Turkey

Artifacts from the ancient civilizations of Thrace, Persia, Macedonia, Rome and Byzantium, unearthed in northwestern Turkey, are a must-see for museumgoers in the area.

The findings are presented in three of Turkey's provinces in the Thrace region, namely Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ, all of which have hosted human civilization since ancient times.

Balkan Supernatural Folklore Tales Inspire Turkish Horror Author

Abdulharis Pasha of Strandzha, a mountainous region that straddles modern-day Turkey and Bulgaria, was the son of an Ottoman lord.

He joined the Ottoman army as a commander during the 16th Century siege of Vienna, and was made a pasha to combat Balkan bandits - although later he went on to become a bandit himself.

Bargain-Hunting Bulgarians Fuel Boom in Turkish Thrace

"Sixty or seventy per cent of our customers are now Bulgarians," says Yilmaz Sanis, president of the Association of the Historic Ali Pasa Bazaar in Edirne, Thrace, and owner of a shoe shop in the bazaar.

"They contribute to the market a lot," he told BIRN. "It is a great advantage for Thrace at a time when our jobs are suffering from economic conditions, and the pandemic."

Bourgas, Bulgaria: First Written Evidence that the Roman Colony Deultum had a Port

Archaeologists from the Deultum-Debelt National Archaeological Reserve near Bulgaria's Burgas have discovered the first written evidence that the Roman colony Deultum had a port, BGNES reported.

The inscription was found on limestone sarcophagus, dating from the II-III century AD.