Foreign ministry condemns attack on DEB party in Komotini

Unknown individuals attacked the newly-built offices of the Komotini Muslim minority party DEB during the night, spraying the message ‘Guards of Thrace’ on the walls, as well as breaking windows and office equipment.

The foreign minister on Tuesday categorically condemned the violent attack on the offices of the Equality, Peace and Friendship Party, in Komotini.

Mykonos, models and … Moet — A triple whammy! (photos + video)

A new Mykonos version of Dan Bilzerian in the making or nouveau riche nightmare?

The latest video to go “viral” on Greek-language cyber-space shows “Ms Thrace” — as from the province in NE Greece — being soaked with 15 expensive champagnes while dancing at a Mykonos beach bar.

Pseudo-mufti wants … referendum to prove number of … ‘Turks’ in Thrace

A pseudo mufti in the northeast province of Thrace wants a … referendum. And not just any referendum, but one to show people and other countries, as he maintained, “who and how many Turks there are in western Thrace.”

The statement belongs to one Ahmet Mete, who used the “referendum” idea to prove, as he claimed, that “150,000 Turks” live in the northeast Greek province.

Thrace muftis condemn Paris attacks

Muftis in Thrace, in northern Greece, have condemned the recent killing of 17 people by Islamist militants in Paris. In a statement Friday, the muftis of Komotini, Xanthi and Didimoticho condemned the ?dissemination of fear and blind violence, whatever their origin, and, in particular, when it comes from fanatics who invoke Islam, vulgarly insulting the holy name of God.?

Traces of Thracean tastes

A couple of years back; I was attending an International Traditional Foods Symposium in the Thracian city of Tekirdağ, which turned out to be a very interesting discovery for me. During the closing reception, a stocky guy walked directly toward me and introduced himself. He was a professor at Namık Kemal University. He somehow had spotted my journalism background and wanted to talk to me.