Sudden rain hits Turkey’s Marmara region

Sudden rain hit Turkey's Marmara region, including Istanbul, following a torrential rain warning declared by the Turkish State Meteorological Service for the provinces in the region.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms struck both of Istanbul's European and Asian sides on Sept. 10, slowing life down as the traffic ground to a halt.

Weather in Bulgaria: Rain and Thunder Storms

During the night and tomorrow morning there will be considerable clouds over most of the country, with occasional rain and thunder in Eastern and Southern Bulgaria. The clouds will scatter in the morning over the Danubean Plain, and in the Western half of the country in the afternoon, where there will be sun. Maximum temperatures 27°-32°C.

144,000 Lightning Bolts Hit Southeast Europe in Past 24 Hours

144,000 lightning bolts fell in 24 hours in Southeast Europe.

Thunderstorms were accompanied by hail as 144,000 lightning bolts have fallen in Southeast Europe in the last 24 hours.

This shows a reference from  "Blitzortung" platform, which registers real-time thunderstorm activity.

About 1/4 of all of them are on the territory of Bulgaria.

Weather in Bulgaria for Upcoming Weekend - Sunny and Hot

By the end of the week, the weather will follow its typical summer rhythm - with little clouds, more significant in some areas in the afternoon hours and with temperatures in the range between 27 and 32-33 C.

On Friday, there will be conditions for insignificant short-term afternoon thunderstorms in the southwestern regions.

Sunny in Bulgaria, Yellow Code for Hot Weather

The weather will be sunny and hot. In the afternoon over the mountains of Western Bulgaria will develop cumulus clouds and in some places there will be short-term precipitation with thunder. During the night against Wednesday, there will be short-term precipitation with thunderstorms in some places in the central regions.

Weather in Bulgaria: Temperatures over 41 Degrees

Today it will be mostly sunny. In the afternoon over the western half of the country will develop cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds and in some places there will be short-term rainfall and thunderstorms. There are conditions for hail. A moderate wind will blow in Western Bulgaria, north of the mountains, temporarily strong from the south-southwest.