“Femen” activist storms Marine Le Pen’s speech (video)

A FEMEN protestor attempted to storm the stage during Marine Le Pen’s speech to Front National supporters in Paris.
A woman tried to protest whilst Ms Le Pen was speaking on stage to the party faithful during a rally by the far-right party ahead of Sunday’s first round of presidential voting.
However, the woman  was dragged off the stage by bodyguards.

Can you do this? It’s the breast challenge that proves if you’re a ‘true woman’ (pics)

After ice bockets and the condom challenge, there’s a new craze taking Chinese social media by storm. It’s the challenge of true womanhood based on the premise that only a “real woman” can hold up a pen using her breasts.

Topless Femen ‘sextremists’ crash Paris event on Islam (Watch vid)

Two topless activists from the self-proclaimed “sextremist” group Femen were violently dragged away from a Paris-area stage after after storming an Islamic conference on women and religion.
Video footage shows two topless women race onto the stage as two Imams were addressing a crowd on Saturday afternoon in the Pontoise district near Paris.

Catfight: Should the painted ladies of NY roam free? (pics + vid)

The fashion of people painting themselves and walking nude in broad daylight turned awry for a woman who some people thought bore too much flesh in Times Squarae. Police were called when the “painted lady” was attacked. A female assailant called her a “nasty whore” and punched her as bemused tourists looked on.

Foodies greeted by …nudies causes furor in Sydney

The latest furor from “Down Under” involves a chic Sydney bar, naked women — actually, panties are seen in the pics — and a buffet table with foods and fruits placed on the … reclining women.

What ensued was a firestorm of controversy and one very, very successful promotional stunt by the proprietors.

Sexy Italian Minister topless (pics)

Italian Minister for Constitutional Reforms Maria Elena Boschi, was ‘snapped’ by paparazzi swimming topless on a beach in Tuscany. The 34-year-old politician, who in 2014 caused some controversy after making a public appeal to bear three children, always attracts the interest of photographers whenever she makes a public appearance.

Conchita Wurst topless (almost) on the cover of Rolling Stone

Conchita Wurst appeared topless (almost) on the cover of the German edition of Rolling STone magazine, the world’s most iconic music rag! The article refering to the singer refers to her as “the most influential pop star in Europe” not just for her music but for her message: “We are many! We are a community! We are unstoppable!”