Bulgaria: What Has Happened to

The most visited torrent site in Bulgaria,, is unavailable. The first signs of emerging problems with the operation of the tracker were observed from the evening of February 21.

The site's collapse comes about a day after the office of the Prosecutor General office asked for help the US Department of Justice for blocking Zamunda.

Appeals court upholds charges against former defense ministry official

An Athens Court of Appeals has found former general secretary for procurements Yiannis Sbokos guilty of taking bribes in connection with the purchase of the TOR-M1 short-range missile defense system.

The court also upheld charges against Petros Christodoulides, a broker, and businessman Giorgos Kamaris.

Anonymous hacktivists take down ISIS with viagra and prozac

Anonymous hacktivists took down Isdrat, the ISIS site, less than a week after it first appeared on the Tor browser of the dark web by inundating it with advertisements for anti-depressant Prozac and Viagra drugs for erectile dysfunction. In this way, the group sent a message urging extremists to calm down. Anonymous statement was: