Tourism in Greece

Tourism: The total comeback of Greece’s “heavy industry”

The resurgence of tourism, what many call Greece's heavy industry, signals the total recovery of the Greek economy, as everything shows that revenues will exceed those of  2019, which was a record year.

Specifically, travel receipts - according to industry authorities - may even top 20 billion euros, a level that even the most optimistic pundits did not expect.

Heraklion: The new airport at Kastelli set to fly at the end of 2025

The new international airport of Heraklion in Crete will be up and running by the end of 2025. The first of the major projects that will upgrade the infrastructure of the island, corresponding to an investment of about 520 million euros, will replace the existing, overburdened "Nikos Kazantzakis" airport.

Tourism Min.: Greece 3rd most popular destination for visiting Brits

"In the midst of the multiple crises we have been facing internationally for the last three years, our country's tourism product has proven to be extremely resilient. Travelers from abroad who visit Greece, continue to give a vote of confidence in our country", noted the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, in an interview given to OPEN television channel.

Greek tourism: High demand for reservations – increase over 2019 in sales at airports

High booking rates and increased sales at airports at levels better than 2019, according to the Ministry of Tourism, indicating a very good season for 2022. However, the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias is planning legislative initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting traditional elements of Greek tourism that are also a magnet for our foreign visitors.

Tourism: EOT’s new spot and Otto

A real story is the story of this year's EOT campaign, which focusing on the beauties of the country, aspires to show that Greece is not by chance the favorite destination of millions of visitors.

And who stars in this, but… Otto! And no, we are not talking about Otto Rehagel, with whose help, in the summer of 2004, Greece enchanted Europe and conquered the Euro 2004.

The energy cost of Greek tourism is on the table – Highland hotels and coastal shipping affected

Hotels mainly in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, food service, coastal shipping and air transport are affected by the increased energy costs, which "undermines" the viability of many units of the aforementioned sectors.